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Mobile X-ray Services

For facilities, we provide radiology and EKG services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We perform STAT and ASAP examinations, in addition to same day and follow-up examinations. We have excellent response times and provide fast verbal and written radiology reports from board certified radiologists.

We are the only mobile X-ray provider who have our films read by Radiology Associates of Canton, Inc. (who currently read for Aultman, Union, Affinity and other area hospitals) which allow your medical directors the ability to speak to our local doctors, as well as compare previous films, review our reports and previous reports online.

PRS utilizes state of the art digital imaging technology to provide the highest quality mobile radiology exams possible to patients at nursing facilities, private homes, assisted living facilities, correctional facilities, and much more.

In addition to our mobile X-ray and EKG services, we offer 24 or 48 hour holter monitoring, PICC line placement verification, Ultrasonic bone density heel testing, Ultrasound examinations, mobile F.E.E.S. dysphagia studies, and PICC line, central and venous insertions.